Write a song a month!

Taking the lead from a prompt, write a song before midnight on the last day of the month. 

Get feedback from your peers!

Give and receive feedback on compositions from the group. 

Motivate other songwriters!

Choose a prompt to challenge and motivate the other writers in the group.  

Songwriter Circle

This is a prompt based, year-long, songwriting circle! 

With 12 members, each member is assigned a month to provide a prompt to the other members.  Prompts can be anything – a lyric, a word, another song, an image, a poem, a photo – anything you want!
Prompts are uploaded on the first of the month and songs should be written and uploaded by midnight on the last day of the month.
Songs do not have to be produced or professionally recorded – submit a phone recording!
You can miss one month in the year. If you miss a second month, you forfeit your place, and the other members in the group will vote to bring in another member. 
Songs Written
Feedback Comments


Please read our brochure for information on the group here.  

Most of your questions will be answered in this brochure.  If you still wish to enquire please do so in the form below. 

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